Excellence in service

Keeping in mind the convenience of our valued customers, we have introduced Khimji’s Watches Service Center, our Authorized service centre, which boasts of truly skilled engineers who have been trained abroad. Not only that, the centre provides genuine spare parts and service that is prompt but more importantly efficacious. This Service center is the authorized servicing centre for all the Luxury brands that we sell and many more.


What We Can Do

Newly designed Service Centre as specially designed by Rolex Switzerland. The New Service Centre at Ruwi has started in order to serve the clients in a better and efficient manner with a Reception Area for the clients to relax while giving and collection of the product from the Service Centre. We have made this investment to ensure that our customers receive the highest caliber service that we can offer. Indeed, so aware are we of the preciousness of these timepieces to their owners that we can give them an estimation of the repair time as soon as they arrive to the Centre. Technicians are always available to our clients to answer any questions they may have and to give them a complete sense of comfort when leaving their watch for repair.”

Champion Team

The quality batch of watch technicians and absolute masters in their repairing skills for high profile complicated watches of premier brands like Rolex, Chopard, Cartier, Piaget, Girard Perrageux, Oris, Bell & Ross, Caran d’Ache, Mikimoto, Frederique Constant.  Virtually all repairs and maintenance needed for the watches can be carried out in the workshop as it has all the necessary instruments including substantial supply of spare parts as a solid back-up and controlled by a network system. 

Swiss Training

To ensure the qualitative excellence and master the new caliber techniques introduced by the premier brands from time to time, a regular yearly schedule for Swiss training is maintained for the technicians to familiarize with and meet the challenges of tomorrow. Besides the regular training, they have also short Refresher’s courses, specialization on special movement calibers to enrich their knowledge during the year. To be very honest Switzerland has become their second home as most of them go to different training courses frequently.


1. Avoid placing the watch on TV, Radio etc
2. Watch with screw-in crown should be screwed in tightly
3. Watch with non screw-in crown should be pushed back into the neutral position
4. Before going for shower or swimming make sure that crown of the watch is on pushed down
5. Always rinse the watch with mild warm water after swimming in the sea or in chlorinated water
6. Clean metal bracelets and water-resistant cases using tooth brush and soap water
7. Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics etc
8. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures (greater than 60°C / 140°F or less than 0°C / 32°F)
9. Water-resistance of a watch cannot be permanently guaranteed
10. Like any precision instrument, a watch needs regular servicing to ensure perfect functioning  
11. Stop the chronograph system after the use
12. Do not operate crown or chronograph buttons in the shower, sauna or swimming pool.
13. Do not correct the date, the day or the moon phase between 22h00 and 2h00
14. Do not press the corrector with a pen since there is chance the ink will penetrate
15. It is necessary to manually wind new and/or newly repaired automatic watches before wearing
16. Watches with metal bracelets should be worn with the correct wrist measurement
17. Watches with leather strap should not be immersing in water or used in the shower or sauna
18. If water or vapor is spotted inside the watch, get the watch checked by an authorized service centre
19. The jump of the month indication is not automatic in some models, it has to be adjusted manually
20. Sapphire crystal used in watches is scratch resistant but it is not scratch proof

Khimji’s Watches Service Center
Al Ufouq Building, Ground 2, Building No: 2825. Way No : 3036,
Shatti Al Qurum, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.
Phone No.: +968 24699766
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Working Hours: Saturday to Thursday – 9:00 am to 13:00 pm & 16:30 pm to 21:00 pm, Friday closed