Khimji’s Watches’ new logo pays ode to brand heritage

Khimji’s Watches, a name synonymous with luxury and impeccable service, now
has a new logo that is proudly displayed as part of the familiar façade of the Khimji’s
Watches and Service Centre’s building located in Shatti Al Qurm.
The new logo is a strong testament to the Khimji’s Watches legacy, heritage, and its
evolution as one of the biggest and most trusted watch dealers in Oman today. Carefully
designed to reflect the Khimji’s Watches brand name and legacy, the new logo reaffirms its
commitment to providing people of Oman with the finest and latest in watchmaking and
Speaking about the new logo, Nailesh Khimji, Director – Khimji Ramdas, said, “Khimji
Ramdas’ journey began with Ramdas Thackersay, who set sail with his son Khimji Ramdas,
from the Indian coast of Mandvi in Kutch, for the shores of Oman and the Group owes its
birth to Gokaldas Khimji and Mathradas Khimji, the two sons of Khimji Ramdas.
“Our new logo is a tribute to that journey and the humble beginnings that have led us to the
leadership position we are in today. It creates a fluid nexus between then and now through the
Dhow that reflects Oman’s heritage the Golden Star that shines bright as the guiding light.
These elements are enshrined inside a circle that alludes to both time and timelessness that
are evocative of the Khimji’s Watches’ march towards the modern times.”
Khimji’s Watches, which was established in the early 60s, began as a standalone showroom
for Rolex in Ruwi and has transformed into Khimji’s Watches, a trusted repository of some
of world’s most luxurious watch brands that includes, apart from Rolex, Chopard, Cartier,
Tudor, Oris and more. The state-of-the-art showroom located in Shatti Al Qurum continues to
be ‘the’ destination for all watch connoisseurs with its modern look and global approach.
The Khimji’s Watches showroom and Service Centre is located at Way No 3036,
Building No 2825, Al Ufouq Building, Shatti al Qurum. For more information, visit